Friday, December 09, 2011

He carried yellow flowers. Another option would have been actual policies

Well, well.  We will all miss Herman Cain, won't we?  Even though he has promised not to actually ever go away?  He really was the candidate who kept on giving, and by that I mean kept giving us reasons to panic every time we considered the remote chance that someone might vote for this guy.

As Herman Cain bows out of the race, Before Huntsman, Perry and Santorum, which has got to hurt, it's tempting to follow the crowds of political pundits who are lining up to blame the tragically early end to his campaign on his painful response to questions about Libya, his fear that China may develop nuclear weapons, his frighteningly dumb foreign policy map, his campaign manager, or, just possibly, the sex scandals which have now become too numerous to bother to link to. Okay, maybe just one.

I will not fall for that, for I know that anyone who was paying attention could have seen this coming months ago simply by examining his choice of theme song.

For those who don't know, this catchy tune from former American Idol contestant Krista Branch has been part of the campaign for a while, but it rocketed to prominence after it was featured in the endlessly infamous "smoke 'em if you got 'em" ad.

It is mildly surprising that, as far as I know, no-one commented on the excellent moment at 2:11 of the official video clip where they show a close up of a protester's sign which has the symbols of both major parties and the slogan "Two Parties Same Result".

An odd message from anyone who seriously intends to contest a general election as a Republican, but that's just the beginning.

Where the song really gets fun is at 1:26, where Krista sings:

Your god is power/you have no shame/
Your only interest is political gain.

At first I thought this only sounded slightly off because lyrics that clunky do not belong anywhere outside of an unlikely duet between Area 7 and Melanie Chisholm, probably produced by Ark Music Factory.

After a coupole of listens, I decided it was actually more to do with how much it reminded me of Felicia Day's invitation to "come on and share a potion with me"

What no-one picked up at the time, but immediately became obvious, was that Herman Cain had actually chosen a theme song that summed up his candidacy perfectly.

Either that or, and this is the theory I favour, the whole thing was a Kaufmanesque postmodern prank designed solely to show Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix how it should be done.

And if you're still not convinced, I invite you to click this, or better still, consider that his campaign ended like this.


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