Tuesday, October 31, 2006

10 Things I like about me

Since I have been , in a fairly non-specific way, tagged for this by Snoskred SEE I READ YOUR BLOG, here are Ten Things you didn’t know about me (unless I have mentioned them before or you know me in real life)

1. I used to have long hair, at least one piercing and an irrational fondness for bandanas. All gone now.

2. My middle name is also not Craig

3. Prior to meeting my gorgeous wife, I set some sort of record for unsuccessful attempts at dating. I went on about three dates in 8 years and not even with the same person. And none of them went well.

4. I have bad luck with lawnmowers. It’s possibly some sort of voodoo thing.

5. I got quoted on Triple J’s “Hack” a couple of years ago. It was a proud moment.

6. I once helped to produce a musical for the deaf. Annoyingly, I agreed to do this for my then-girlfriend’s father just before she broke up with me, meaning that not only did I spend 12 hours working on a fundamentally ridiculous production, I did so in the company of someone who was not speaking to me.

7. Unsurprisingly, I am one of the inventors of the popular game of “You’re not Craig”

8. I also invented “Find the Hamburger” much to the annoyance of several surly teenagers who were required to compete in this sport.

9. I have not yet told Craig about this blog because I’m not sure whether he’ll be annoyed that I am using his name (although technically I am very specifically NOT using his name)

10. Apparently I am not entirely over that whole musical for the deaf debacle, even though I should be by now. It was made in 1992.

This looks more like a list of future blogposts than stuff you didn’t know about me, but hey, it can be two things. Anyone else who wants to be tagged, check out Snoskred’s list here which will have the desired effect if you read to the end.


Anonymous Honey Bear said...

Oh, where to start?
1. Pre-me, thank goodness. Things may have ended badly for you again!
3. That's because nobody else figured out what a gorgeous honey you are AND HOW STUPID DO THEY ALL FEEL NOW???
4. I think the wheels falling off definitely qualifies as bad luck...
8. Find the Hamburger deserves more attention. It was funny as hell!

8:35 PM  
Blogger Snoskred said...

I see! ;)

And yes, the wheels falling off would probably be considered bad luck, especially if it were all 4 at once. That's a real worry. However, at least you own one. I do not. And the mower man company who does our lawns has two blokes who mow, one who is insanely buff and hot, and one who looks somewhat like one of the seven dwarfs garden gnomes who has miraculously come to life and decided to mow lawns. Guess which one always mows the lawn when I'm at home? Yep, not the buff one.. ;) lucky me!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Onya's world said...

Mmmm...does make you think that all this beat up about "skill shortages" in the media and how difficult it is to find "talent" for company so much so that they are "forced" to bring in migrant workers is just that....a beat up.

As someone who works as(often painfully) as a journalist in online recrutiment, have to say your experience on the difficulty of locating employement is not unusual. My advice...if they don't want you well then you're probably better off wihtout that employer and as my Gran used to say...God bless her cotton socks....whats for you wont go by you...and to date she hasnt been proven wrong.!

10:40 PM  
Blogger meva said...

1. I used to have long hair, at least one piercing and an irrational fondness for bandanas. All gone now.

Are you really Axl Rose?

11:30 PM  
Blogger Snoskred said...

If he is Axl, he forgot to mention he has an irrational love for white hotpants and kilts :) hehe

9:05 AM  
Blogger gigglewick said...


Quick: google Axl Rose and see if he has a best friend called Craig!!!!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Whoa! How funny is honeybear?!? Oh, also, your post was quite good too, not quite in the same league obviously but a good try nonetheless.

Find the Hamburger definitely requires far more information. Number 8 leaves me with a feeling of wanting to know more and also slightly hungry. Please release an instructional interactive DVD priced reasonably at $14.95.

5:16 PM  
Blogger I'm not Craig said...

Honey Bear
I love you

You paint a vivid picture, as ever. And thanks for the tag

This confused me endlessly until I realised you were probably referring to a previous post. Unless my amazing ability to invent "Find the Hamburger" has shattered that skills shortage myth once and for all.

Many thanks to you (and your Gran) for the encouraging thoughts. And welcome to my little blog.

Meva, Snoskred and Gigglewick
The notion that Axl Rose may have moved to Melbourne and started a blog on which he describes himself as a left wing bass playing Christian amused me for hours.

I am not Axl Rose. However, Duff McKagan is one of my bass playing heroes from way back.

Also, of all the fun I have had playing in bands, covering "Paradise City" while playing the Merimbula Scout Hall is right up there.

Spookily, the lead singer in that band really wanted to be Axl Rose.

And his name was Craig.

Which means, in summary:
1. I am not Craig
2. I am not Axl Rose
3. I am not a guy called Craig who wanted to be Axl Rose.

It all makes sense.

Honey Bear thanks you

If I ever run particularly short of blogging material, I will post a detailed set of rules for Find the Hamburger.

It will be free.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Ms Batville said...

Petition for the unveiling of the rules of Find the Hamburger:

1. Ms Batville

9:42 PM  
Blogger Snoskred said...

2. Snoskred.

In unrelated news, the lawn got mowed today, not by the buff one. *sob*

And, I somehow got stuck on google image search looking at white hotpants and kilts and an extremely hot Axl for at least half an hour today, which made up for having a tanned salt and pepper haired garden gnome mow my lawn rather than a tanned buff pin up boy. However I have a sad thing to tell you - there's actually too many Axl shots on google image search which show him from the waist up, what the? I shall have to try yahoo tomorrow.

10:29 PM  
Blogger I'm not Craig said...

I suspect that this "Find The Hamburger" thing is going to be a huge letdown when I finally post it.

Details soon(ish)

10:41 PM  
Blogger Watershedd said...

Is find the hamburger anything like fond the sausage, Honey Bear? You remember that comment on night by Hal (he had a bummer of a bummer of a birth mark) one night at the four musketeers weekly event?

10:53 PM  
Blogger gigglewick said...


You know we're all engaged in a process of elimination (Cluedo style) to ascertain your true identity....

And we've just tricked you into "admitting" that you're not Axl Rose. Well, that's another one off the list.

This is all part of our evil plan, bwa ha ha ha ha ha etc.

9:13 AM  
Blogger I'm not Craig said...


You can pretty well cross off the rest of the band too. That includes the original line up and the band's much more recent "no original members except Axl" incarnation.

I may change my name to "I'm not Buckethead" soon.

Stop me if I'm making this too easy...

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Honey Bear said...

For anyone who's interested, I am susceptible to bribery....

10:35 PM  

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